Best Cloud Storage

Store more data, offer faster access speeds, provide robust security measures and better performance with less maintenance than the traditional on-premise data center.

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Cloud File Management for Team Collaboration

  • No file size constraints with secure file and folder sharing.

  • Connect to the network from any device at any time.

  • Prevent unauthorized access to data by controlling access rights.

  • Continuous availability and real-time backup.

best cloud storage

Unlimited Projects

Work together across numerous teams and create as many projects as you need to meet the requirements.

unlimited projects
collaboration among team

Collaboration Among Team

Make sure every division in your company has a business procedure that you oversee.

better project planning

Better Project Planning

Organize, create, and collaborate on projects from anywhere with a single platform.

streamline your project management

Streamline Your Project Management

Use the drag-and-drop workflow to visual business flow and simplify workflow management.

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Document Management

Document Management Create engaging flows with images by uploading them on cloud and manage the documents and media files with multiple image format support.

document management
upload documents

Upload Documents

Develop image URLs that can be used to create intriguing flows, upload as many images as you like and preserve them all in one location using document management.

multi format support

Multi Format Support

Add an image, it will instantly upload regardless of the type you drag and drop. You can create image URLs with document management that can be used to quickly design engaging flows by saving as many images as you want in a single location and uploading them all at once.

Find out more about Document Management

File Sharing

Share everything from spreadsheets to code snippets to presentations with your team, and work more quickly and effectively.

file sharing
simple file transfer

Simple File Transfer

Share documents, files, images, and videos with your team without leaving your app without sacrificing security. With Cloud storage, you can stop exchanging attachments over email, avoid disagreements, and keep projects going by connecting your team and getting everyone on the same page.

sharing files securely

Sharing Files Securely

Give your team access to all relevant documents without worrying that someone outside of your team will see them. Send your team the file name or create a private channel to communicate with them. The files you share in private channels or messages can only be viewed or searched for by the individuals you include.

pin files

Pin Files

Easily access important files whenever you need them thanks to the cloud. Save the most important team chats and documents so you can access them later.



Maintain your messages, files, and documents synchronised while switching devices. The transition between devices is no longer challenging. One can work from anywhere, at any time, and you'll never again miss a communication or file.

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Real-time Editing

Allows for real-time editing and deletion of notifications and files. It is easier to communicate effectively and without errors when speech is precise and clear.

real-time editing
file editing

File Editing

Real-time document editing and deletion are also available.

format editing

Format Editing

Send files or images with links, coloured fonts, bullet points, and other clear, accurate language. By incorporating several styles, you can format.

add attachments

Add Attachments

Missed the deadline for sharing files? Add them to the cloud right away. A link in the attachment will always take you to the most recent version of the file on the cloud.

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Multiple Workspaces

Create several workplaces, alter the team, add departments and titles, and maintain connectivity from any location.

multiple workspaces


Provide simple user interface. Employees at your workplace can add to the cloud from a variety of locations.



Manage your projects as workspaces using cloud storage. Allows you to access files for all of the folders contained in your workspace, specify persistent settings, run and debug configurations, and more.

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Unlimited Folders

Workers can literally be on the same page at the same time, making changes in plain sight of one another, and including comments in real-time unimited folder.

unlimited folders
simple folder formation

Simple Folder Formation

Add the folder's title, name, description, and members to create category-based folders.

group customization

Group Customization

Include department-specific folders and upload to the cloud for even greater accessibility.

Find out more about Unlimited Folders

Cloud Activity Tracking

Consider trends in native services' performance.

cloud activity tracking
live monitoring

Live Monitoring

Enabling employee tracking after cloud-based activity.

custom alerts

Custom Alerts

Manage remote employees by sending them personalised messages, alerts, and instructions to their activities.

recent reports

Recent Reports

Get thorough reports on team behaviour so you can control the workflow.

activity logs

Activity Logs

Find out how much time each employee spends updating data in the cloud, and if more time is needed, find a better alternative.

Find out more about Cloud Activity Tracking

Integration with NinjaCapture

Unique cloud security, strong encryption capabilities, and deep integration with NinjaCapture.

integration with ninjacapture
synchronizing data

Synchronizing Data

Data is transferred from on-premises systems to the cloud, entities are guaranteed to have a consistent view that is updated frequently or in real time.

data cleaning

Data Cleaning

Data preparation, target format conversion, and integrity checks are handled by the integration platform.

security and compliance

Security and Compliance

Both for one-time data transfers and ongoing data synchronisation, the integration platform can meet all security needs.

Find out more about Integration with NinjaCapture

Data Storage Management

Data Storage management processes and practices vary, depending on the technology, platform and type.

data storage management
storage security

Storage Security

Storage security offers protection and availability by permitting authorised users to access data while prohibiting unauthorised access.

time to deploy

Time to Deploy

Enables the rapid delivery of the appropriate amount of storage when required. As a result, IT is free to focus on resolving complex application problems.

Find out more about Data Storage Management

Trash Folder

A feature with the ability to restore files from Recycle bin.

trash folder
resource deletion

Resource Deletion

Requires manual restoration before usage. A resource is taken out of the Recycle bin and made immediately useful when it is restored from the Recycle bin.

data recovery

Data Recovery

Data copies are kept in place thanks to cloud backup and recovery. Access to the storage is provided by the cloud, along with extra managed backup and recovery services.

Find out more about Trash Folder

Priority Folder

Priority folder provide suggestions for files to include when you establish a workspace.

priority folder
priority page

Priority Page

User's most pertinent documents will be displayed on the Priority page, which also aids in file organisation for easy file access.



Users can arrange and easily access files in one location using workspaces without having to search for them.

Find out more about Priority Folder

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